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The Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. General Terms and Conditions have been drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2), on the basis of CCIS (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia) recommendations and international e-business codes.
These General Terms and Conditions cover the operation of Zlatarna Celje d.o.o., user rights, and the business relationship between the provider and the buyer.



(Legislation Summary)

The Provider undertakes to ensure the availability of the following information to the Buyer:

a) company identity (company name and address, register number),
b) contact details for fast and effective communication (e-mail, phone),
c) key properties of goods or services (including after-sales services and warranties),
d) the availability of items (any item or service offered on the website should be available within a reasonable period of time),
e) conditions of delivery of goods or the implementation of services (method, place and period of delivery),
f) all prices shall be stated clearly and unambiguously, with a clear indication of whether they include taxes and shipping fees,
g) method of payment and delivery,
h) duration of the offer,
i) the period within which it is possible to cancel the contract, the conditions of cancellation, and the cost of cancellation (if applicable),
j) the complaint procedure, including the relevant information on a contact person or customer service centre.

Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. reserves the right to change the website content without prior notice. These General Terms and Conditions are made in accordance with the current Slovenian legislation.

Company information:

Zlatarna Celje, d.o.o.
Kersnikova 19
3000 Celje

Registration No.: 5048192
Identification No. for VAT: SI23281715
Celje District Court, Entry No.: 10183900
E-mail: zc@zlatarnacelje.si



Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. accepts no liability for any consequences arising from the use of the above websites and the content published there. The company accepts no liability for any consequences arising from the information published on the website. Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. accepts no liability for any viruses transmitted to users from this website and strongly recommends that users protect themselves from viruses before transferring any information from this website. Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. shall not be liable for the occasional inaccessibility of the website, any inaccurate information or any damage arising from the use of inaccurate or incomplete information. Neither Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. nor any other legal or natural entity involved in the design or creation of these websites shall therefore be liable for any damage arising from the access to, use of, or inability to access the information published on these websites, or for any incorrect or incomplete content.

We reserve the right to direct users to other websites and we accept no liability for their content.

Visitors may use the content published on Zlatarna Celje websites solely for personal and non-commercial purposes. The content is protected by copyright. Any other use, copying, publication and distribution of the website content or individual parts thereof without permission from Zlatarna Celje is prohibited.

3.  By confirming your purchase in the Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. online shop, you are confirming and agreeing with the following:

- that you are aged 18 or over;
- that you have read the general terms and conditions, the general terms and conditions of website use, and the conditions of visiting and the scope of online shop operations, owned by Zlatarna Celje d.o.o., and that you have understood the content of the norms;
- that, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), you are in a legally protected situation, as there are cogent norms that prescribe a high level of uniformity when it comes to operating an online shop, while also preventing the provider from making arbitrary decisions and imposing unacceptable restrictions through the general terms and conditions that do not express respect for you;
- that it is unfortunately impossible for you to set your own conditions when submitting an order or during the implementation of a service; the Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. conditions are the most suitable and ensure the highest level of security;
- that you have provided genuine obligatory information that will enable us to carry out the order and undertake the delivery to the desired address; if this is not the case, you are causing an unnecessary risk of incorrect service, thus putting the burden of correct implementation on yourself; in the event of abuse, we reserve the right to act, since we take even the possibility of a risk and unjustified exposure of our online shop extremely seriously and consider that to be a severe violation of our rights;
- that you have read particularly carefully the conditions for the purchase and delivery of items and that you expressly agree that the provider shall not be responsible for any consequences arising from providing incorrect and inaccurate information that is generally verifiable; in keeping with business customs, the customer shall be obliged to immediately bring any such information to the attention of the provider;
- that the information required to perform the service is subject to the Personal Data Protection Act; by voluntarily providing your personal information, you expressly agree with providing it and confirm that you are aware of the purpose of collecting that information (purely for the purposes of processing the order and providing the service);
- an order shall be deemed accepted when it is accepted by the provider; at the same time, a contract of sale shall be deemed to have been concluded;
- all published service prices shall remain valid until cancellation and shall not be altered once the order has been accepted; 
- a delivery shall be deemed completed when it is accepted by a person at the address provided as the collection point;
- the customer expressly agrees that the provider shall not be responsible for delivery services and third parties,  provided that, upon the customer's request, the provider immediately provides to the customer the complete and correct documentation relating to the order and particularly to proof of correct shipping. In no event can the damage incurred by the customer exceed the value of the order paid by the customer to the provider; 
- all personal information required to submit a complete order will be protected with due care and will not be shared with third parties except where permitted by law. In accordance with the content and duration of individual services, your personal information will be stored only until the end of the deadline for submitting objections related to the protection of consumer rights; after this period, your information will only continue to be stored in cases when your permission has been obtained for including you in our newsletter system and for collecting your information for this purpose.
- the employees and outside associates of the online shop that process and use personal information for the purpose of providing online shop services do so strictly within their competences and authorisations, which they have obtained on the basis of your express agreement, which also serves as the legal framework for the use of personal information; these parties undertake to have absolute respect for your restrictions in the area of privacy, while we undertake to notify you of any unauthorised or inadmissible interference with your privacy field;
- the general terms and conditions of operation have been compiled in accordance with the Slovenian legislation and international regulations and directives; any subjects not covered in these general terms and conditions shall be governed by binding legislation, which the parties shall interpret and apply in accordance with the habits and customs at the location of the provider's registered office;
- in the event of conflicts arising from the material conditions of sale and online shop operation, your objection and the reasons for it will be judged objectively and fairly; if the conflict cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the complete opinions and business documentation relating to the service shall be submitted for Permanent Arbitration at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, which shall determine the type of procedure, notify both parties of the procedure and resolve the conflict in accordance with the CCIS rules;
- any conflicts arising from orders for online shop services shall be judged according to the Slovenian legislation, regardless of your residence or delivery location. The practice of determining the competent court in accordance with the location of the service provider's registered office shall be applied in cases when the customer, while submitting the order, opposes the possibility of out-of-court dispute resolution.   



1. The online shop

The online shop www.zlatarnacelje.si, www.lencia.si and www.lencia-tinamaze.si is the Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. online shop. We sell gold products of 585/000 and 750/000 purity, as well as silver products of 925/000 purity with rhodium plating. The online shop also sells products from the "Surprise Golden Grams" collection, which comprises investment gold items of 999.9/000 purity, and the Zlatarna Celje collection of Lencia watches. In addition to shopping at brick-and-mortar shops, you can now purchase our products in the online shop as well. Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. reserves the right to change the product range available in the online shop without prior notice.
Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. makes every effort and takes due care to ensure the accuracy and currency of the information provided on its websites.
Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. accepts no liability for the accuracy and completeness of information provided on the online shop web pages or for the accuracy and completeness of the text, visual and audio materials. We reserve the right to change technical descriptions and configurations without prior notice. Product images may be illustrative in nature and do not necessarily depict the actual product accurately and entirely (e.g. actual product size).

2. Prices

All the prices published in the online shop include 20% VAT, are in EUR, and are country-specific. All prices are in euro (EUR) and are location-dependent. For buyers in EU member states, the prices include value added tax (VAT). For buyers in non-EU member states, value added tax (VAT) does not apply but buyers are obliged to pay all the costs related to import duties on goods, including all import charges, in accordance with the applicable legislation of the import country. Buyers are expressly notified about this when making a purchase.The offer applies while supplies last. The prices and discounts valid at the moment of order confirmation apply to the purchase. Prices may be changed without prior notice. If the price listed is lower than the actual product price, Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. shall notify the customer immediately and offer the revised price. The customer can accept the revised price or cancel the order.

Due to the nature of operating online, the Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. offer is updated and changed frequently and quickly. Prices are designated as Regular Prices and Online Prices. Regular prices are the prices set by the provider. The Online Price is the price that applies for online purchases subject to full payment in cash on delivery or at Zlatarna Celje points of sale, or, in the event of a pro-forma invoice, with a transaction to the Zlatarna Celje current account or through PayPal.
The online discount applies for every purchase in the online shop. The prices listed apply only to purchases in the Zlatarna Celje online shop and may differ from prices at other Zlatarna Celje points of sale. The prices listed do not include shipping fees. Special and promotional offers published on the website apply within their limitations or while supplies last during the specified period. We reserve the right to make mistakes when listing information and the right to change prices without prior notice.

3. Protection of Privacy

Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. will protect your personal information from third parties and only use it to provide Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. services (sending information materials, offers and invoices) and other necessary communication. Under no circumstances will our users' information be shared with unauthorised persons.

4. The Return of Goods and Complaints

The contract of sale between Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. and the customer is concluded the moment we confirm the order (an e-mail containing a status update will be sent to the customer). The physical copy of the contract of sale shall be stored at the Zlatarna Celje registered office; the customer can access the contract of sale via the confirmation e-mail that was sent when the order was made. From that moment on, all prices and other conditions are final and apply to both parties.The goods can be paid for as described in Item 5 of the General Terms and Conditions of the Online Shop.

Satisfaction guaranteed:
When purchasing any product from the online shop, you will receive proof of purchase and a certificate confirming the authenticity of the gems (for brilliant cut diamonds and pearls). The proof of purchase and/or certificate bearing the stamp and signature of the seller represents a valid warranty certificate with a warranty period of 3 months for silver jewellery, 6 months for gold jewellery and 1 year for watches covering all manufacturing defects. If you are buying the item as a present, remember to give the proof of purchase to the recipient as well. Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. jewellery bears a hallmark displaying the purity of the precious metal in accordance with the Metrology Act and the Slovenian hallmarking office.

The return of goods: 
Goods can be returned if they do not have the qualities expressly promised by Zlatarna Celje, if the wrong products were sent, if the quantity or colour of the products is wrong or if the goods deviate from your order in any other way. If there was a mistake in issuing the goods, Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. will replace the goods at no extra cost to you. As the buyer, you have the right to notify us at zc@zlatarnacelje.si or info@lencia.si within thirty (30) days of receipt of the goods that you wish to cancel the contract of sale without stating the reason for your decision. The notice will be deemed to have arrived on time if was postmarked before the deadline. The customer cancelling the contract of sale will be reimbursed for all payments made with the exception of shipping fees. The returned products must be unused, undamaged and in their original packaging. Also enclosed must be the original proof of purchase and/or the certificate and the receipt. Do not return the goods in a regular envelope, since products can be damaged in the post, rendering the complaint invalid. The only cost that you as the buyer will have in connection with contract cancellation is the shipping fee for returning the goods. When returning the goods, the parcel must be marked as valuable. The goods must be returned to Zlatarna Celje d.o.o., Kersnikova 19, 3000 Celje, Slovenia, with the note “Online shop”. The goods can also be returned to any Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. shop with a record of the complaint. If you wish to use our services (cleaning, repairs, etc.), you can visit any Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. shop and request the service independently.Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. reserves the right to cancel your order if the product in question is not in stock.

5. Payment Options in the Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. Online Shop

Online shop customers can choose from several payment options:
- payment on delivery for deliveries in Slovenia (the customer pays the total cost of the order when the goods are delivered by a postal worker; the online price applies),
- payment in a brick-and-mortar Zlatarna Celje shop in Slovenia,
- transaction to the Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. current account (with a pro-forma invoice – the online price applies) – only for EU members,
- PayPal – only for EU members,
- credit card payment through PayPal for EU members (for users without a PayPal account).

The total cost of the purchase and delivery is listed on the invoice.Until the invoice has been paid in full, the items shall remain the property of Zlatarna Celje d.o.o.

6. Packaging and Delivery

When submitting your order, you can choose where you want the goods to be delivered – to the billing address or to another address.
To ensure that your order is delivered as fast as possible, we will always choose the optimum method of delivery: Pošta Slovenije package delivery in Slovenia or delivery using GLS or UPS for other countries.
Goods ordered in the Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. online shop will be shipped as soon as possible – usually the next day if they are in stock. Distribution services are provided by Pošta Slovenije. Deliveries are normally done on the first business day after the goods were shipped and within three business days at the latest. Orders received on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays will be shipped on the first business day. As deliveries take place in the morning, it is recommended that you provide a delivery address where you will be available before noon. If the goods cannot be handed to you, the delivery service will leave a note; you can either phone and arrange another delivery or collect the parcel from your nearest post office. If the goods are collected from a Zlatarna Celje shop, shipping fees do not apply. The total period of delivery is 4-10 business days, unless the goods are currently not in stock, in which case the customer will be notified by e-mail. 

7. Shipping Fees and Insurance:

The Pošta Slovenije shipping fees are charged in accordance with the current price list and amount to EUR 3.50. Shipping fees will be added to the purchase price of the products and listed on the invoice. Shipping fees will be added before the order is completed and you will have no further costs once the payment has been made. The cost of delivery applies to the entire territory of Slovenia.
The GLS and UPS shipping fees for delivery abroad are charged in accordance with the current price list, available in the enclosed table. Shipping fees will be added to the purchase price of the products and listed on the invoice. Shipping fees will be added before the order is completed and you will have no further costs once the payment has been made. Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. accepts no liability for potential delays in delivery.Zlatarna Celje d.o.o.reserves the right to change the delivery price list at any time. Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. also reserves the right to choose a different delivery service in order to expedite the delivery process.

Shipping insurance:
Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. accepts no liability for the loss or damage of goods in transit. Zlatarna Celje d.o.o. also accepts no liability for the loss or damage of goods returned by the customer by post.